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Welcome to Rise of the Originals!! Rise of the Originals (ROTO) is my quest for the grandfathers of a new genre, the next musical blueprint. It is my call for the birth of a new movement in music. Maybe a new spin on the return of "real musicians" or people who can sing without auto tune. People who can perform on stage without a back up track and mix that with a finesse the world has never seen before. I am looking for what Madonna was to Pop. What NWA was to Rap. What Little Richard was to Rock. What Michael Jackson was to an Era.

So this is an underground search beginning locally for these "originals". Unsigned and under appreciated I plan to get these artists the recognition the deserve. Its time for the dawn of something new and completely original.

While listening to all submitted material, we will be frequenting all the open mic nights and showcases we can find searching for talent to be featured on this site. We will be hitting up different open mic nights and showcases anywhere we can find them. MySpace, Facebook, Vimeo you name it, we are looking for talent. If you or someone you know would like to be considered for the website send an invite to your next performance or a link to your page to dallycecole@me.com and we will check it out. If you aren't performing any where you can submit music along with any video footage of a past performance. All music submitted must be copyrighted. No exceptions. All showcase participants must sign a release allowing Rise of the Originals to use their image and likeness.

If you are selected, you will have to be in NYC to particitpate in the showcases. You our loyal readers, will vote for the weekly winners. Once we have 4 winners they will perform in the Rise of the Originals Showcase. We invite music industry
connects and you bring your fans!!! In other words...this is a showcase you don't want to miss.

So lets us know where you'll be and we could be your last stop before stardom.




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