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Hey guys thanks for tuning in to Rise of the Originals (ROTO)!!! Let me just take a minute to explain this blog. My name is Dallyce Cole and I love music and entertainment. I sing and act and well what can I say I love this industry!! But with all the new talent reality shows I realized one thing was missing…Originality!! Everyone seems to be trying to be the next great SOMEONE ELSE!!! Where are the trendsetters?!?!?! ¬†Once upon a time rap didnt exist…neither did grunge! But a few originals set the stage for brand new genres in music. They became prototypes so to speak and thats what we are looking for!! ROTO will post new artists on my website that are truly original. Their unique style of music could be the newest category at the Grammys and we want to be there from the beginning. Greatness takes time and I know the search wont be easy but we are living in the time before the next big thing. We have no idea what we are missing because it hasn’t been brought to our attention yet…But I ask you…Can you imagine your life without that hot 16 bars over a dope beat?!?! Dont get me wrong I hear the 70′s was off the chain..But they didn’t know what was to come….they didn’t know what they were missing and that begs the question what are we missing?… Stick with me on this journey to find the newest form of music. I will keep you posted on every open mic night I go to and every track I hear. If you know someone who is hot enough to be deemed original send me a sample. At the end of the month there will be an Orginals showcase and you can come and support your favorite act and who knows be there for birth of musics newest bundle of joy!!! So here we go!!!!

Love Always, Dallyce!

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